About the Japan Affiliate

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Inaugurated in June 2002, the continued mission of the Affiliate is to meet the needs of the Japan membership who seek an enhanced understanding of regulations that apply to the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, the Affiliate recognizes innovations and trends in the technological area with an eye firmly on the Facility of the Future.

An important objective of the Affiliate is to maintain its focus on pharmaceutical products of Japanese and global significance, such as in the oncology and rare disease areas. Overall, it aims to be nimble in an evolving pharmaceutical world. The goal throughout is to help industry meet patient needs, including from the standpoints of quality and timeliness.

The functions of the Affiliate benefit from the historically close working relationship with ISPE Headquarters in the US and extensive networking with professionals worldwide. These require regularly scheduled conference calls and face-to-face meetings with counterparts.

Against the background of Japan’s growing pharmaceutical market and an ageing population, the Affiliate offers a comprehensive program of seminars and conferences for the further education of its professionals. One key function is the translation and publishing/distribution of HQ-owned documents into the Japanese language, an area of high interest among the membership.

The Affiliate itself is organized into a Board of Directors of five (5) Officers, twenty (20) Directors and three (3) Adjunct Directors from Japan’s pharmaceutical industry. Day-to-day operations as well as the frequent interaction with ISPE HQ are conducted by the Affiliate’s Japan Manager and staff.

The Affiliate's professional activities call for involvement by the 16 COPs, each under a leader, and specialty tasks may be undertaken by dedicated Committees. Approximately 60% of Japan’s ISPE membership is involved in the COPs, who drive an ambitious program of events and tasks.

The Affiliate consistently recognizes the high-value relationships enjoyed with its pharmaceutical neighbors, regional and global, and looks forward to further collaboration in the years to come for the benefit of patients worldwide.